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Welcome to our premier email marketing services agency! We specialize in crafting high-impact campaigns that drive engagement and boost ROI. Let our expert team create custom strategies, compelling content, and powerful analytics to elevate your brand and connect with your target audience.

Why Should Your Business Use Email Marketing?


Personalized Communication

Connect with your audience through personalized and direct messages.



Maximize returns with a budget-friendly and high-return marketing channel. 


Measurable Results

Track performance and make data-driven decisions with detailed analytics.


Targeted Audience

Segmentation: Send tailored messages to specific groups for increased relevance and engagement.


Enhancing Customer Loyalty

Foster trust, loyalty, and long-term relationships through regular communication.



Streamline your efforts and save valuable resources with automated email campaigns.

Explore Our Email Marketing Services

Elevate your business with our top-notch email marketing services agency. Boost engagement, drive sales, and build lasting relationships through targeted, personalized campaigns.

Setting Up Your Account

We look into creating the right mail account and identity for your business, smoothing out the wrinkles.

Campaign Management

A dedicated team of specialists is available to manage your campaign most efficiently.

Drip Email Campaigns

GoMaxoo experts know the right message and the right frequency to send those ‘drips’.

Email Automation

Creating the mail content and scheduling them for auto-delivery is one of our service highlights.

Newsletters Campaign

Our supreme newsletter campaigns that keep audiences informed about your product and service offerings.

Data Report & Analysis

Technology and its knowledgeable use help us deliver detailed data reports regularly.

Our Email Marketing – GoMaxoo Style

The steps below provide an overview of our Email Marketing campaign service process:

Establishing clear goals for your email marketing campaign is crucial in order to measure success and align your efforts with overall business objectives. Determine specific targets, such as increasing engagement, generating leads, or driving sales, to help guide your strategy and evaluate performance effectively.

Dividing audiences into smaller segments from day one enhances campaign planning by enabling targeted messaging, efficient resource allocation, and improved performance tracking. This tailored approach fosters deeper connections, maximising engagement and ROI for marketing efforts.

Effective data capture enables precise campaign tracking, providing valuable insights into successful strategies and areas for improvement. This empowers marketers to optimize performance, drive engagement, and achieve desired outcomes with greater efficiency.

Frequency and scheduling are crucial in optimizing an email campaign’s engagement, as striking the right balance between informative updates and audience fatigue ensures that your content remains relevant, timely, and appealing to recipients, thus maximizing its impact and effectiveness.

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Why We Are Your Best Digital Allies?

5+ Years in the Industry

We have been around for enough time to understand what makes businesses scale, and this is great news for you!

Impactful Results

We know what your business means to you, which is why we deliver positive results as your digital marketing agency!

Communicate & Collaborate

You are a part of the whole process, and you can connect with our digital marketing consultants at absolutely any time!

Wide Range of Services

You might have multiple digital marketing aspirations, but we are the one-stop shop for all of them!

Targeted & Organic Traffic

Amidst so much online traffic, we help you attract clients that are relevant to your requirements!

Weekly & Monthly Reporting

When you become collaborators, we ensure that you get consistent reports with insights for better results the next time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to ensure that a prospect goes through the complete mail?

This can be possible only when the right audience meets the right mail content, further highlighting the importance of accurate email marketing. For the answer to your question, this will help clients take you through the mail.

Can an email campaign boost my sales?

Absolutely! All you need to do is ensure that the content of your mail is designed in such a way that you stimulate audiences to invest in your offering right from the mail itself. After all, the ROI is one of the highest with email campaigns.

Is it fine to purchase an email client list for marketing purposes?

No. Any kind of marketing, be it social media, or email, works best only with an organic perspective. The moment you head to ‘buying’ followers or mail ids, understand that it won’t work in terms of ROI, but just in meaningless analytics.

Do subject lines hold any relevance for a mail campaign?

From any device, the first visible part of an email is the subject. This is why your subject line must be as striking and as attractive as possible. In other words, it’s the make or breaks if the prospect is going to pay heed to your mail or not.

What are the parameters to measure the results of an email campaign?

There are three crucial factors to measure the results from a campaign and are Click Through Rate, Conversion Rate, as well as Bounce Rate. At GoMaxoo, our email campaign specialists play a crucial role to help you understand these parameters and also take effective corrective measures.

What is a positive email opening rate for a brand?

On a generic front, anywhere between 10-15% is a healthy email open rate. However, from an industry point of view, this range can vary a bit here and there. As we mentioned above in the answer, a good subject line matters.

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