Best Google Ads Classes in Indore 2024

Want to become a Google Ads expert? Whether you’re new or already know a bit about Google’s pay-per-click ads, our classes will teach you how to make effective PPC campaigns. Don’t miss out — join for GoMaxoo’s Google Ads course today!


1-2 hours

Type of Classes

Online & Offline 


Max 10 Students


Vijay Nagar, Indore


This Google Ads course, created by top experts, will turn you into a certified Google Ads Specialist, fast-tracking your career in Digital Marketing with practical lessons and real-world projects tailored to what you’ll learn in the program.

Industry Recognize Certification from GoMaxoo

Once you’ve finished our Google Ads classes at GoMaxoo, you can get certified by Google Ads. This certification shows you’re good at using Google Ads, from the basics to the advanced stuff. It’s like a gold star from Google, proving you’re an expert at running successful ad campaigns.

Key Learning in Our Google Ads Course in Indore

Search Ads and Ad Extensions

Learn to Create eye-catching search ads and use extensions for better visibility.

Ad Copywriting and Optimization

Learn to write persuasive ad copy and continually improve its performance.

Keywords and Match Types

Choose the right keywords and match types to reach your target audience effectively.

Campaign Types and Settings

Understand different campaign options and settings to maximize results.

Advertising Metrics

Gain insights into important metrics to track and analyze your campaign performance.

Bidding and Bid Modifiers

Master bidding strategies and modifiers to improve ad positioning and ROI.

Syllabus That Makes You Industry-ready

Our Google Ads Marketing course will make you an expert in the various concepts of Digital Marketing and Google Ads, including types of keywords, components of ads, syntactic and semantic match types, etc.


Module 1

Introduction to Google Ads

  • What is Google Ads?
  • How it works
  • Why Google Ads
  • Setting Google Ads objectives

Module 2

Campaign Setup

  • What is a campaign?
  • Campaign structure
  • Campaign goals & objectives
  • Bidding and budgeting
  • Choosing the right campaign settings

Module 3

Keywords & Ads

  • What are keywords?
  • Keywords best practices
  • Keyword research (Keyword Planner tool)
  • Ads best practices
  • Responsive search ads
  • How to write excellent text ads

Module 4

Campaign Management

  • What is campaign management
  • Management best practices
  • Quality Score: what is it and how to improve it

Module 5

Conversion Tracking

  • What is conversion tracking?
  • How to set tracking
  • Intro to Google Analytics tracking

Module 6


  • Intro to remarketing
  • Why Audiences Are Important
  • Setting up your audiences
  • Remarketing campaign types
  • Setting up a remarketing campaign

Module 7


  • Into Google Ads reports
  • Using Google Data Studio

Meet Your Mentor

Founder At GoMaxoo

7+ Years Experience

Managed Real Client Projects

100% Success Rate

Raj Patidar founder of GoMaxoo with over 7+ years of paid media and marketing experience, has crafted and executed strategic campaigns for top brands. He’s gained extensive expertise in optimizing digital advertising and generating more customers. Join the course to explore Google Ads further with Raj!

Master the Google Ads Tools You’ll Learn

Gain expertise in the Google Ads tools that will elevate your digital marketing efforts. Mastering these tools is crucial for success in Google Ads and will greatly enhance your advertising strategies.

Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Trends

Next-Gen AI-Powered Google Ads Tools

Experience the power of our smart AI tools in Google Ads. Utilize advanced technology to streamline your digital marketing efforts. Stay ahead online with automated solutions that help your website’s performance and maximize its visibility on Google Ads.

Bing AI
Brand Name

Why Choose GoMaxoo for the Google Ads Course in Indore


We Managed 200+ Projects

GoMaxoo has a proven history of delivering results-driven digital marketing services.


We Know Real Google Ads Challenges

With over 7+ years of experience, we know Google Ads inside out and can handle them with ease.


100% Live Project Training

We offer live project training to reinforce your foundational Google Ads skills. Let’s do the real work!


Lifetime Mentorship and Support

Your mentors are committed and ready to guide you every step of the way on your Google Ads journey.

Learning Methodology


Understand the basics

Learn the important basics and terms you need to succeed in Paid Ads marketing.


Setup your project

Learn how to set up campaigns and tracking to monitor your Google Ads performance.


Live Google Ads Class

Implement Google Ads and leverage data analysis to enhance your website’s performance.


Master Google Ads

Keep practicing until you become a Google Ads pro and see your results skyrocket! Start today!


INR 4,999/-
per month

Enroll Before:

of every month

What’s Included:

  • Duration: 2 months (30+ hrs classes)
  • Daily classes 1-2 hours
  • Live project training
  • 1 website for each student to perform activities
  • Online & offline classes are available
  • Lifetime mentor support
  • Certification of complition

I’m Interested in This Course

Enroll Before:  15th of every month

3 + 14 =

Career Opportunity After this Google Ads Course

Companies actively seek individuals with expertise in Google Ads and digital marketing, as online advertising continues to play a crucial role in business strategies, and jobs by 20% to 40%.

You can become a valuable asset by mastering Google Ads, enhancing your online presence, and driving revenue. Whether as a PPC specialist, or digital marketing manager, marketer expertise in Google Ads opens doors to lucrative career paths.

With the ability to create effective campaigns, analyze data, and optimize strategies, you can showcase your skills and thrive in the dynamic field of digital advertising.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Ads hard to learn?

No, Google Ads can be learned with dedication and the right resources. While it may seem overwhelming at first, with practice and guidance, anyone can become proficient in using Google Ads to advertise effectively online.

What is the duration of the Google Ads classes at GoMaxoo?

The course runs for 2 months, with classes held daily from Monday to Friday.

What topics are covered in the Google Ads Master Class?

The program includes various topics such as search ads and ad extensions, ad copywriting and optimization, keywords and match types, campaign types and settings, advertising metrics, bidding, and bid modifiers.

How do I become a Google Ads specialist and get paid?

How to Become a Google Ads Specialist

  1. Learn How Google Ads Functions
  2. Get Acquainted With the Google Ads Certification Process
  3. Pick Your Google Ads Certification
  4. Prepare for the Google Ads Exam
  5. Get Your Google Ads Certification
  6. Apply Your Skills
  7. Stay Informed of Subsequent Google Ads Changes
  8. Renew Your Certification When Needed
  9. Consider Blogging About Google Ads
  10. Create Your Portfolio and Collect Customer Reviews and Testimonials
How will the Google ads classes at GoMaxoo benefit my career?

Joining GoMaxoo’s Google Ads classes can help your career. You’ll learn all about Google Ads, get ready for exams, and practice running real campaigns. These classes open up lots of digital marketing jobs for you, and you’ll stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry. Plus, you’ll meet people who can help you find jobs and give you advice. Come join us at GoMaxoo and get started on your digital marketing journey!

Will I receive a certification upon completing the Google Ads training program?

Yes, after completing the Google Ads training program, you’ll receive a certification. This certification proves that you’ve learned how to use Google Ads effectively. It’s like getting a stamp of approval from Google, showing that you understand how to create and manage ads on their platform.

You can use this certification to show potential employers or clients that you have the skills to run successful advertising campaigns online.

Can I use what I learned in Google Ads classes to start my own business?

Yes, you can! Learning Google Ads helps you advertise your business online. You’ll attract customers to your website and increase sales. Whether you’re selling products or services, Google Ads can get your business noticed by the right people. With the skills from Google Ads classes, you can create ads that match your budget and goals. So, yes, you can use what you’ve learned to start your own business!

Can I do Google Ads classes while handling other stuff?

Yes, the classes are set up with short daily sessions, about 1-2 hours long, so you can easily fit them around your other tasks.

How many students are in each Google Ads Classes session?

Each session has a maximum of 10 students, ensuring personalized attention and interaction.

Do I need prior experience in advertising or marketing to enroll in Google Ads training?

No, prior experience is not required. Google Ads training programs are designed to accommodate learners at various skill levels, from beginners to experienced marketers. The training typically covers the basics of advanced strategies, catering to individuals with different levels of knowledge and experience.

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