Achieved 150 Organic Leads & 3880 Organic Traffic for Plumber in 90 Days

*Due to client policy, we can’t reveal their company’s name*

GoMaxoo Services Used

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Email Marketing

Project Overview

Facing tough competition from bigger players in the market, this plumbing service was struggling to attract new customers through traditional marketing methods. But in just 6 months, we turned things around by utilizing Website Optimization, bringing in a whopping 150 new call leads with 3800 Organic Traffic for the plumbing business. Don’t miss out on the full case study – make the decision to elevate your plumbing business to new heights!

Proven Results




Conversion Rate

Number of leads

Organic Traffic

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How do we meet the Goals?

What was The Challenges?

Slow Website Speed

Slow website loading speed and poor user experience.

Low Organic Traffic

Low organic traffic and visibility

Low Keywords Ranking

Poor keyword rankings and search engine rankings.

Poor & Thin Content

Poorly optimized website content lacking relevant keywords for search engine visibility.

Low Count of Backlinks

Lack of relevant backlinks and quality external links.

What did we do?

Improved Website Speed

Enhanced website loading speed and improved user experience.

Increased Organic Traffic

Increased organic traffic and improved online visibility.

Improved Keywords Ranking

Higher keyword rankings and improved search engine rankings.

Optimized Website Content

Optimized website content with relevant keywords for improved search engine visibility.

Acquired Backlinks

Acquired relevant backlinks and quality external links.

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